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Beijing 2022 Olympics seeks makers of official products

2022-04-30 China issues 5-year action plan for seawater desalination Beijing 2022 Olympics seeks makers of official products Domestic films open record-breaking New Year box office Turning off the vanity lights would help conserve energy TV drama highlights change of 'most inhabitable area' to paradise US movie critics laud Chinese director China tests new parachute system for rocket boosters Symposium on online comedy show wraps up in Beijing China grows in research capabilities 'Future technology schools' get green light China's weekly audience figures up by seven percent Wishful thinking Injection of hope for developing countries China releases new Mars image taken by Tianwen 1 probe China to strengthen basic agricultural research in seed industry National Games organizers look for logo, mascot, song and slogan designs Wishful thinking A glimpse at Spring Festival Chinese film releases Limitless energy quest: Follow the sun