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Further decline in HK retail sales predicted

2022-05-16 Beidou system hardware, applications under development New liaison chief meets Shenzhen leaders, vows closer ties China upgrades spacecraft reentry and descent technology Chinese researchers use new material to clean water China completes drilling of deep borehole 24-hour self-service drug store opens in Zhengzhou China develops wireless systems for rockets China tests first drone-carried meteorological data monitor to gauge atmosphere China to launch two BeiDou-2 backup satellites China sets new record in deep-well drilling Further decline in HK retail sales predicted Accuracy of Beidou system improving New soybean variety to benefit China's oil companies China establishes database for pesticide residue Highlights of 2018 China int'l big data industry expo Wuhan's Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge: Ladder to heaven Chinese astronauts complete desert survival training China develops high-accuracy marine positioning device Giving bugs a good name